Spanish dancing horses, sherry and flamenco in Jerez

Jerez is often overlooked as a travel destination, even though it has just as much to offer as other better known places in Andalucia, Spain. It is most famous for its horses, sherry and flamenco. And not coincidentally, the two most important festivals are Feria del Caballo (or Jerez Horse Fair) and Feria de la Vendimia (Grape Harvest Fair).

If you like horses, then colorful Feria del Caballo is one of the most amazing festivals you will ever experience. In May, the whole city gathers in González Hontoria fairground where people showcase their horses or take circuit rides in a decorated carriages.  With lively flamenco in the background, locals drink cherry, eat and dance in the casetas (decorated makeshift pavilions). Notably, the festival is open to public and anyone can enjoy casetas unlike in Seville where you need an invitation to enter one. Also, make sure to check out a Spanish dancing horses’ show that runs throughout the day. If you happen to visit Jerez at a different time of year and you miss Feria del Caballo, you can always visit Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. Here you can learn more about this prestigious riding academy, tour the gardens and catch the Spanish dancing horse show.