Lush Cocora Valley filled with colibri and palm trees

Salento is a quaint Colombian town that makes a living from coffee plantations and tourism. One of the “must do” things when in Salento is taking a hike in the famous Cocora Valley, filled with wax palm trees (which is also a national symbol of Colombia), mountain springs and colorful hummingbirds. You can also explore it on a horse, but we decided go on foot to take time and enjoy Coroca Valley’s spectacular nature. Have in mind that on the way up you have to cross a few rickety bridges, so make sure you wear appropriate footwear. If you need to catch your breath and admire various colibri species from up close, you may make a small detour to the Colibri House – a small cafe that serves hot chocolate and snacks.

Cocora Valley is easily reachable from Salento by jeeps.
Once in Cocora Valley, you can either hike on foot or continue a trip on the back of the horse.